Next to Home Early Learning and Afterschool Center


Daily Routines and Transitions





Arrival and Uninterrupted play

Socialization and developing social skills.


 Snack and socialization

Developing social skills and Healthy habits


 Inside or Outside play

Weather permitting



Developing social skills and Healthy habits




Nap and relaxing time

Napping or quiet activities


After Nap

Free choice Play/ Preschool and Afterschool children

time to read, be creative, to explore the arts, sciences and social studies and to solve problems.

opportunities to develop trusting, supportive relationships with educators and peers.


Gathering time

Educators and child co-construct programming allowing children to initiate their own learning, exploring at their own pace and following their individual interests.

Time to initiate discussions, explanations, demonstrations. and sharing ideas.


Snack and Socialization

Developing Social Skills and Healthy habits


Inside or Outside play

Weather permitting


  Meeting/Greeting Parents

Saying goodbye. visiting and wrapping up the day with the parents and the children.



This is a general guideline only.  Our schedule may vary due to children’s interests, special activity days, outings, etc.



Looking for crediatiable resources. Check out the Everything Early Years website


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