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Starting child care can be a big adjustment for your child(ren) and the whole family.  Even children who have been in care before need time to get to know new people before they can become comfortable in a new space.   We are here to support your child and your family through the process of adjustment and acquaintance.  Initially it is preferred that a parent be the adult dropping off and picking up your child as this will allow opportunities for daily discussion with the Educators and Parents. 


During your child(rens)’s attendance at the Centre parents should expect to provide some of your child(ren)’s personal belongings such as:


  • a complete set of extra clothing and more for those still in toilet learning stages
  • Box/package of diapers and cream (if required).
  • weather appropriate clothing for outdoor play


Steps to Enrollment

1-     At your convenience,contact the center to get a scheduled visit booked. Please note, the tours occur as spaces open.

2-     During your tour you will see the classrooms. At this time you will be provided with general information about the Centre and are encouraged to ask questions. This will also give parents a chance to get to know the Educators and our Centre

3-     Once the decision has been made to enroll your little one at our Centre, then parents must complete all required *forms and read our Policy Book, accept the enrollment offer sent through the childcare portol.

4-     Once agreeing to the policies in the Policy Book and all forms have been completed, it is important to drop off all paperwork and deposit to the Centre.

5-     We would like to welcome you and your child(ren) to our family!    It is our privilege to be chosen to care for your child(ren). We look forward to supporting your family and building a strong relationship together.

*The enrollment of a child shall be granted after the completion of the following forms:


- Registration Form (filled out during tour)

- Child Profile

- Photograph permission form

 - Payment Agreement form

- Letter of Agreement

- Child Behaviour Checklist

- Enrollment Acceptance through the Childcare Portol

- lmmunization record (copy is needed for child's file)

Looking for crediatiable resources. Check out the Everything Early Years website


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