Checklist for Choosing a Quality Childcare Centre

Before choosing a early learning/afterschool center identify your family’s need i.e. hours of operation, location cost etc…


Have questions ready and expect answers.


1. Does the Early Learning/Afterschool center have an open door policy?

2. Is the environment clean and safe?

3. Is the atmosphere welcoming and child friendly?

4. Do the children seem confident and happy?

5. Is there an appropriate educator to child ratio?

6. Do activities offer a mix of free play and quiet time.

7. Does the staff have Early Childhood Education training?

8. Do they offer a mixture of indoor and outdoor play?

9. Is there positive interaction between the educator and the child that is warm, caring and respectful?

10. Do all educators have a criminal check , First Aid and CPR?

Next to Home Early Learning & Afterschool Center Inspection Reports

Looking for crediatiable resources. Check out the Everything Early Years website


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