Q- Do you accept part time and full time care?

A-Yes we accept full time and part time care (if spaces are available) as well as after school care


Q- Do you have pick up services?

A- We only have this service available to after school children who attend Queen Elizabeth School ONLY.


Q-Are after school children from other schools permitted to be enrolled in the Centre?

A- Yes absolutely, however it is your responsibility to provide transportation to and from school.


Q- Are receipts provided?

A- Yes, we issue receipts for each individual payment made.


Q- What is considered fulltime and part time care?

A-Full time care is considered as five days per week in which your child attends the Centre for four hours or more per day. Thus the fees charged will be the full day rate at the current fee. Part time care is considered as four days or less per week in which your child attends the Centre Thus the fees charged will be the part time rate at the current fee.


Q-Do you provide a preschool program?

A- Our program follows the NB Curriculum, which is a play based program. 


Q-Are there additional costs for childcare?

A- There may be additional costs when we go for field trips or outings.


Q- What are your hours of operation?

A- Our hours of operation as well as closures are listed under the Hours of Operation page.


Q- Are parents permitted to be involved in the Centre?

A- Of course! We believe, as parents, you are the primary educators of your children. We need your input and value your suggestions and observations. Because you are the expert when it comes to knowing your child, we appreciate your perceptions, feelings and observations about your child. We encourage you to become actively involved in your child’s education. We encourage parents to be involved with our program and feel free to come in and visit at any time. Talents and suggestions of parents enrich our program;

the following are some examples of how you can play an active role in your child’s life while at our Centre.

  1. Bringing talents and career demonstrations
  2. Donation of toys and craft supplies
  3. Contributions towards our curriculum and special events
  4. Celebrating your child’s birthday
  5. Suggestions for overall improvements
  6. Attending special events
  7. Helping with supervision on special outings away from the Centre



Q- What are parents responsible for supplying?

A- We want your child to feel right at home during their stay at the Centre, therefore any item or belongings that would be of comfort to your child should be supplied. The following are some items required for your child during their stay at the Centre

  1. Non-marking soled sneakers/ slippers for indoor use.
  2. Box/package of diapers and cream (if required).
  3. Appropriate outdoor clothing (according to season) ex: Splash pants, snow pants, etc.
  4. Weather appropriate footwear (i.e. sneakers, rubber boots, winter boots, etc).


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